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Our vision

The vision is to satisfy every client´s expectation! From a draft to the final design through functionality & effectiveness  to pleasurable communication & complete satisfaction in general.

About Us

Once upon a time, there was a young design enthusiast who discovered that his creativity makes people laugh! The freelance business was set up, back in 2015. Through the time, re-organisation took place & the name was changed from to its final  recognizably rhyming brand name! A valuable consultant came on board as well as new technological devices. So here we are, looking forward to meet you!

# Services #

We offer unique services to our clients!

Personalized greeting cards

We will create a personal greeting card for every occasion (e. g. birthdays, namesdays, anniversaries, work promotion or just for a pleasure).

Utility graphics & web design

Within this section, you can find everything you may need for your business - from business cards and logos to the website itself.

Website language correction

Detailed language adjustment of your website in accordance with spelling rules and document editing standards. In cooperation with professional translator.

# Projects #

The most popular of our work.

# Personalized greeting cards #
# Logos #
# Labels #
# Websites #

“ There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. ”


# Where we are #

City: RužombeRock

Country: Slovakia

Continent: Europe

Planet: Earth

# A-Team #

The people & devices

# pEpE

_Neo CEO

# McPear 3 GHz

_main machine

# iPad Air 2

_sub machine

# incognito

_Valuable consultant

Everything for your design

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